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Sterling Chase Associates Ltd invites applicants from suitably qualified and experienced organisations to provide the following services:


We are looking to accelerate our own and our clients’ business success by transforming our service portfolio with an extensive, compelling digital capability.


In developing this next generation of digital sales capability, our key objectives are:

  1. 1. To find a partner who can develop a set of transformational digital sales support tools over the next three months and will continue to help us evolve this capability in the mid-term future.

  2. 2. Beyond digitising an existing paper/file based sales toolset, the digital tools must embrace new and powerful opportunities for individual motivation, interaction and team collaboration during the learning experience and when used in the enterprise workplace.

  3. 3. The digital toolset must be cloud-based and be able to efficiently co-exist with existing mainstream corporate LMS and support integration with mainstream CRM packages.

  4. 4. In handling confidential corporate sales information, the toolset must offer multiple levels of security, comply with GDPR and be capable of deployment in client data centres.>

  5. 5. A minimum viable product covering the major features stated in the Requirement Specification is agreed within one week of commencing this contract and is delivered for live operation in the following sixteen weeks within a budget of £50,000.

The appointed service provider must demonstrate a successful background in the development of workflow and assessment tools in a secure SAAS (Software As A Service) environment.

Applications are welcome from single organisations or consortia from the public, private and voluntary/community sector.

To express an interest, please contact us on supplier_portal@sterlingchase.com. You will be asked to sign and return a confidentiality agreement prior to viewing the quotation documents.

Deadline for the receipt of your Quotation is:

5:30pm (UK – UTC) Monday 11 December 2017