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Negotiation Skills for Sales People

Effective Negotiating for Sales People

In both the commercial and public sectors, buying decisions are increasingly becoming polarised between low-margin commodity purchases and high-margin strategic investments that are based on value-added services and return on investment.

This means that business leaders and managers on both the selling and buying side are having to get involved in the negotiation of contracts for managed services, outsourcing and ‘payment by results’ solutions.

Negotiating for maximum value in complex solutions contracts

Sterling Chase provides expert practitioners, coaches, training programmes, tools and techniques to ensure that your sales teams and leaders can negotiate win-win contracts that deliver a step-change in realised value for both buying and selling parties.

Negotiate for Maximum ValueWe also work with procurement teams who want to make the shift from buying products to buying value-added service-based solutions. We help buying organisations to understand how expert sales practitioners approach the negotiation of solutions contracts, enabling procurement teams to assure maximum strategic value for the buying organisation.

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