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Sales & Service Winning Big Together

Joined up sales & service development

In today’s fast-paced environment, the sales and service functions of large corporations typically have multiple interactions at different levels and with different people in each of their major clients.

If your sales and service functions are not ‘joined up’ in terms of account development and service improvement, then your company is likely to miss critical opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell from the current business that each client places with you.

Even worse, your company is probably exposing itself to the risk of competitors spotting gaps in your sales and service processes which could enable them to steal that business from under your nose by offering a more joined up, value-added solution.

Be proactive to protect and grow your business

Sterling Chase delivers integrated sales and service development programmes that enable sales and service teams to develop more effective and efficient processes and approaches for ‘Winning Big Together’.

Sales Leadership Development Courses

By developing and embedding a joined up, common approach to sales and service account development, your teams can develop much greater insight into current and potential opportunities and threats that exist within your major client base. They can then proactively defend and grow higher margin business across a deeper and wider contact base and across your portfolio.

To find out more, click here to download our recent article on the importance of having a joined up approach to sales and service development.

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