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Sales Skills Assessment and Sales Management Assessment

Knowing how good people really are

For many companies, not knowing their sales team’s strengths and weaknesses at the front line and at the first line manager level means that it’s really difficult to know how to take them to the next stage of sales performance. Training initiatives either become a ‘sheep-dip’ i.e. the same journey and experience delivered to all participants, regardless of their varying skill level, or the training solution has to be tailored around what the leadership team perceives the key weaknesses to be. Recruiting the right people can also become a bit of a lottery.

However, a far more effective way of ensuring that you get the right people and ensuring that the sales training and coaching you provide for your existing people will be effective, is to start with an objective sales skills and/or sales management skills assessment. This approach, which can include either all of your people or a sample of them, not only allows you to tailor your training solution but also gives a highly effective form of feedback to the individuals and forms a vital element in accelerating the process of change.

Targeting sales and sales management skills development

A Sterling Chase expert practitioner can walk you through the various stages of sales talent assessment. This includes the critical step of deciding which assessment product is right for each selling role, advising you on best practice when introducing the ‘assessment journey’ and, equally importantly, how to interpret and maximize your investment once the reports are delivered.

As well as offering our own sales assessment tools, we are also a licensed reseller of world leading online sales assessment products, so we can be sure to offer the right solution to match your needs.

Once your sales peoples’ (and / or sales managers’) assessments are completed, we can help your business to grow through high quality sales consultancy, training and coaching services that harness the power of world-class selling tools and techniques.

The company is a Recognised Centre for Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) sales assessment for qualifications up to QCF Level 6 and is a SalesAssessment.com reseller partner. In 2012 Sterling Chase received a commendation from the ISMM external quality assessor for demonstrating the best example of using sales management assessments to coach real performance development in a field sales team and two of the people we assessed and trained have won ‘Sales Manager of the Year’ at the Women in Sales Awards in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Led by Managing Director, Steve Eungblut, Sterling Chase has a reputation for delivering accelerated and sustained sales improvements for desk and field sales teams in a uniquely cost-effective way.

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