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Sales Leadership Development

Sales Director and Sales Manager Programmes

Sales managers and sales directors face huge challenges in delivering sustainable sales growth in today’s volatile markets.

In the current climate, although the roles are very different, it’s generally accepted that they both need to be proactive in everything they do, they need to be more commercially astute. They need to be transformational at the right time and they need to be inspirational.

Sales Leadership Development Courses

The fact is that great sales managers think and act like sales directors and that’s why they usually get promoted quickly from sales manager to sales director. Just like great sales directors, great sales managers assess their world constantly, have a plan to hit the numbers that everyone buys into and they create a sense of real urgency.

On a transactional level, they treat people like adults and they can assess the context of any situation and are able to switch between being a leader, being a manager and being a coach. Of course they lead, coach and manage their teams. But they also do the same with their internal stakeholders, their major clients and their channels.

Sterling Chase delivers tailored sales leadership development programmes that enable sales managers and sales leaders to move from good to great.

By providing companies with tailored sales leadership processes, tools, techniques and supporting interventions, Sterling Chase enables sales leadership and sales management teams be truly great. We enable sales leadership and sales management teams to:

  • Enable up-selling & cross-selling in every transaction and client relationship.
  • Accelerate the penetration of new markets and deliver growth in existing markets.
  • Embed best practice processes, attitudes and behaviours across the sales force.
  • Shift the sales force from selling products to selling higher margin solutions.
  • Build a high quality sales pipeline, shorten sales cycles and transform conversion rates.

If you want to know more about what we can do for your sales leadership and sales management teams, call us on 0845 371 3099 or fill out the form below and one of our senior practitioners will contact you for a free consultation.

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