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Telesales Performance Development

Running an effective direct telesales channel is becoming increasingly challenging in today’s marketplace. Telesales agents from multiple competitors are striving to reach, engage and get commitment from decision makers who have ever more hectic schedules and are surrounded by a protective shield of gatekeepers or voicemail.

If your agents do not have effective call processes, selling skills, positive attitudes and a focus on making every call count – even if you have developed a great campaign strategy – the results will be poor.

Transformational telesales development solutions

Sterling Chase has continually refined its approach to overcome these challenges and maintain its position ahead of the curve to enable its clients to deliver immediate improvements in conversion rates, sales revenues and channel margins.

Telesales Performance Development

We can take your teams on an accelerated development journey and enable them to seize every opportunity to sell, up-sell and cross-sell on every call and, hence, make every call count. From role-play based training to side-by-side coaching on live calls, our proven format delivers highly skilled and motivated people who will hit their targets.

Specifically, your people will be equipped to systematically:

  • Prepare for and execute calls with structure, control and confidence
  • Get past gatekeepers and get through to target decision makers
  • Adopt a consultative selling approach to rapidly build rapport and gain interest
  • Recognise buying signals and know when and how to successfully close
  • Adopt the right attitude, behaviour and techniques to excel on every call
  • Maximise their impact irrespective of the resistance and objections

By providing a blend of face-to-face and virtual sales training, coaching and consulting interventions for sales teams and sales management teams, we always deliver sustainable improvements and ground-breaking return on investment for our clients. We work closely with client stakeholders at all levels to ensure that our assessments, processes, tools and techniques are integrated with exiting processes and systems that are already embedded across the telesales teams.

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