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The Sales Manager’s Dilemma: Too Busy to Get Better

A recording of the webinar session with Sterling Chase MD, Steve Eungblut

In today’s highly reactive environment, most sales managers simply don’t have the time to develop or apply the skills that are required to achieve transformational results.

Too often, they find themselves trapped in a self-perpetuaing cycle in which they spend too much time analysing and reporting on their team’s performance, deflecting their efforts away from what really matters: leading the sales team to improve its performance.

In this hour long session Sterling Chase MD, Steve Eungblut, describes why sales managers need to develop new skills to be effective in the face of the demands put on them. He throws light on how you can make the shift from being in a seemingly helpless situation to being able to take control of your destiny, drive your company’s sales results and actually enjoy what you do.

More specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Be more effective as a sales manager.
  • Get a better balance of work, results and home life.
  • Grow personally and pave the way for moving to the next level of sales leadership.

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