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BT Supplier Show Case Page – In Commercial Confidence

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About Sterling Chase

Established in 2004, Sterling Chase offers sales training, coaching and consulting programmes that deliver and accelerate success for corporate and mid-market clients.

We differentiate from our competitors with an approach to sales development that drives measurable business results, ground-breaking return on investment and transformational change in the skills, competencies and behaviours of the sales force.

Sterling Chase is an ISMM Recognised Centre for Professional Sales Qualifications. In 2011, we became the first sales training provider to implement the accreditation of a national sales force to the new Ofqal QCF-recognised ISMM Diploma Level 5.

The BT Relationship

Sterling Chase has been a preferred supplier of BT’s since 2005. In that time our programmes have delivered over ¬£1bn of incremental pipeline and¬†over ¬£200m of contracted new revenues across multiple programmes for desk and field sales teams.

Our coaching, consulting and training programmes are proven to work for selling to any industry (including the public sector in the UK and abroad) and across multiple disciplines including:

  • Desk Sales and Telesales
  • Field Sales and Business Development
  • Key¬†Account and Global Account Management
  • Sales Leadership and Sales Management
  • Service and Sales Support

We work with our clients to ensure¬†accelerated¬†business impact and maximum return on investment using our ‘PACE’ model to develop the Process of selling at the transactional and relationship levels;¬† Attitudes across teams and individuals; the Competencies and behaviours (in the field and on the phone); and the Execution of campaigns at the individual, team, territory and organisation levels.

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