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Our Approach to Delivering Assured ROI

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Sustainable sales development delivering accelerated growth

Optimising the sales performance of your team means looking beyond individual skill gaps or the immediate challenges of the sales environment.

Applying a systemic approach, we work with executive sponsors to develop sales transformation programmes that assure accelerated growth, sustainable change and measurable return on investment.

We work with our clients to ensure accelerated business impact and maximum return on investment, using our ‘PACE’ model to develop the Process of selling at the transactional and relationship levels; Attitudes across teams and individuals; the Competencies and behaviours (in the field and on the phone); and the Execution of campaigns at the individual, team, territory and organisation levels.



This approach, when supported by structured ongoing coaching interventions in the field or on the sales floor, always delivers accelerated and sustained growth.

If you are interested in talking to us about a potential solution for your sales challenges, please call us to speak to a member of the BT team on 0845 3713099, mail us at enquiries@sterlingchase.com or click here to send us a message via our Contact form.



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