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Tag Archives | objection handling

In the final installment of this month’s feature on objection handling, we’re going to provide you with a useful strategy for overcoming challenging sales objections in today’s marketplace. Objection handling is a crucial aspect of speeding up the sales process and moving deals forward. If you can master the objections raised by your clients, you […]

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No matter how urgent the needs of the buyer, no matter how quickly they want to take the sales process forward and no matter how amazing your solution is, it is certain that your prospect will raise objections during the sales process or, at least, request additional information before they sign the contract or move […]

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No matter how great you are at getting sales meetings and making your prospect need your solution, you will inevitably encounter challenging buyer objections before closing most of your deals. After all, objections are a natural part of the sales process. To make things worse, buyers are now asking more questions and raising far more […]

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