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Tag Archives | sales techniques

Great Selling Skills are Transferrable Across Any Industry

In today’s world great sales people are really not the pushy, over-confident stereotype that most people think of when they hear the word ‘sales person’ or ‘salesman’…

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Separating the Great Salespeople From the Average

What does it take to be a great salesperson? Here we explore the selling skills, attitudes and behaviours that separate the great salespeople from the average…

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Embed the Right Selling Skills with Effective Sales Training

With economic turmoil in Europe and fierce competition across multiple industries, a key question for any sales management team centres around how prepared their sales teams are for an uncertain future…

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Take Responsibility of Your Sales Performance and Sales Career

Today, being great at one or two individual sales techniques won’t guarantee success. To be successful, you need a whole range of sales techniques that form an effective and integrated selling system…

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Key Competencies for Selling During Tough Times

It’s over half way through the year and the economic outlook is still looking very uncertain. Nevertheless, most medium and large companies are starting to realise that they can’t continue to cut costs and batten down the hatches in the hope that things will get better. These companies realise that buyers of their products and […]

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Getting Past the Gatekeeper When Cold Calling

It is clear from our sales training courses that cold calling is a key reason why so many people are deterred from pursuing a career in sales. But cold calling is a fundamental part of selling and, if you are just beginning a career in sales, the chances are that you’re going to have to […]

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