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Tag Archives | selling skills

6 Characteristics of a Successful Sales Team

A question I get asked a lot is “What makes a high performance sales team?” Many of our clients want to know what characteristics they should be looking out for in their people and what separates a great sales team from an average one. Having worked with hundreds of sales teams and conducted extensive research […]

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Great Selling Skills are Transferrable Across Any Industry

In today’s world great sales people are really not the pushy, over-confident stereotype that most people think of when they hear the word ‘sales person’ or ‘salesman’…

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Separating the Great Salespeople From the Average

What does it take to be a great salesperson? Here we explore the selling skills, attitudes and behaviours that separate the great salespeople from the average…

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Embed the Right Selling Skills with Effective Sales Training

With economic turmoil in Europe and fierce competition across multiple industries, a key question for any sales management team centres around how prepared their sales teams are for an uncertain future…

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Take Responsibility of Your Sales Performance and Sales Career

Today, being great at one or two individual sales techniques won’t guarantee success. To be successful, you need a whole range of sales techniques that form an effective and integrated selling system…

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