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Account Development Planning – Overhead or Driver of Growth?

In recent years, the globalisation of markets, greater buyer access to information and the polarisation of buying decisions between strategic investments and commodity purchases have played a significant role i...


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sales Managers

Over the past 12 years, the Sterling Chase team has coached hundreds of sales managers and sales leaders at all levels in all sizes of organisation around the world. We have often been asked what makes the diff...


The Sales Manager’s Dilemma – Too Busy to Get Better

This article describes why today’s sales managers need to be developed i.e. trained and coached to be effective in the face of the demands that are put on them.  It covers the problems that today’s sales enviro...


Sales Performance Coaching – a Critical Tool for Sales Excellence

When it comes to driving sustainable sales excellence, sales performance coaching is a critical success factor. However, it often either gets overlooked when organisations plan sales development initiatives or ...


Transforming B2B Customer Relationships – Part 2: How to Turn Around Difficult Client Relationships

In this final part of our two-part series, Sterling Chase MD Steve Eungblut introduces the Sterling Chase INnOVATER Relationship Model, providing a simple 7-step approach that sales and service people can use t...


Transforming B2B Customer Relationships – Part 1: Five Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

In this first of a two-part series, Sterling Chase MD Steve Eungblut explores the five most common mistakes that cause failure in today’s world of B2B customer-supplier relationships. Regardless of your company...


Develop Gravitas to Maximise Your Impact as a Sales Leader

In today’s world, developing your gravitas can transform your performance and make you a far more effective sales leader. When used correctly, gravitas is a tool that can make all the difference when it comes t...


How Do You Create a World-Class Sales Organisation?

Everyone wants their sales organisation to be the best. The boldest ambition any sales leader can have is for their team to be the world’s best in terms of growing the business. Yet, while many sales leaders ha...


A New World of Sales Development – Making it Real!

If we think back ten years, the iPhone hadn’t been launched, Barack Obama was still a young state senator and the global financial crisis was just around the corner. The world is certainly a different place tod...