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Take Responsibility of Your Sales Performance and Selling Career!

Today, being great at one or two individual sales techniques won’t guarantee success. To be successful, you need a whole range of sales techniques that form an effective and integrated selling system... continue reading

Posted on 17 July 2018

3 Steps to Creating the Right Environment for Closing Sales

Closing sales on time has always been an essential part of the sales process. By following these three quick and easy steps, you can ensure that you will create the right environment for closing sales... continue reading

Posted on 20 June 2018

The Importance of Trust in Your Customer Value Proposition

In today’s tough selling environment, B2B sales people need to develop trusted relationships with senior executives much faster to open and close high-margin sales... continue reading

Posted on 24 May 2018

Lead the Sales Process to Transform Your Selling Performance

Leading the sales process can, quite simply, transform your sales performance. By taking control and leading the sale at your own pace, you will significantly improve your sales forecasting accuracy and the certainty with which you hit your sales… continue reading

Posted on 9 March 2018

How to Succeed in the First 30 Seconds of a Sales Meeting

The first 30 seconds of your first meeting with a senior decision maker has a major impact on the outcome of your appointment. If you’re a Key Account Manager or Director, it can determine your success with the account relationship on an ongoing… continue reading

Posted on 23 February 2018

The 10 Critical Selling Skills and Traits of High Earning Sales People

What makes a super sales person? Well, experience from our sales training events suggests that it’s more complex than most people think. There are some critical selling skills and traits that have been around since the dawn of selling. continue reading

Posted on 16 January 2018

Closing in Line with Your Sales Forecasts

Business development roadmaps for value creation … To grow as a business development professionals or key account managers, you and your people should plan and propose ‘customer journeys’ to prospects and existing clients which map out… continue reading

Posted on 9 December 2017

A Strategy to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

To achieve a win-win position when negotiating with a client, you have to: a) Sell your own position in the context of what drives your client; … and … b) Treat the negotiation as a key element of the sales process - NOT simply as an afterthought. continue reading

Posted on 27 November 2017