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Leadership Programmes

Our sales leadership programmes empower sales leaders and sales managers​ ​to make changes that will generate a sustainable difference for themselves and for the organisations they lead, and enable them to be more resilient to the constant demands of the sales landscape.

A structured approach to sales leader evaluation and development focuses on four key areas:

  • How they lead their target markets
  • How they influence their own business to support their go to market strategies
  • How they lead, build, inspire and develop their teams
  • How they continually grow their own leadership competencies

Coaching and mentoring is delivered by expert practitioners who understand and empathise with the challenges today’s sales leaders face. An evaluation will result in an individualised programme that is highly practical and run at a pace you choose. The light touch interventions come from evidence-based discussions and continual feedback loops. The process ensures a measurable improvement in sales leadership performance which in turn creates a positive multiplier effect across the sales function and inspires a renewed energy in the sales leaders we coach.

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Leadership Programmes