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A Guide to Consultative Selling

When it comes to B2B selling, buyers now expect suppliers to offer innovative business solutions that create tangible value and a significant return on investment. This means that traditional sales techniques which push the features, advantages and… continue reading

A Guide to Transforming B2B Customer Relationships

With more choice and greater access to information than ever before, B2B buyers are increasingly switching to alternative suppliers or seeking to renegotiate deals at a lower price. In this whitepaper we introduce the Sterling Chase INnOVATER… continue reading

10 Steps to Becoming a Great Sales Leader

As a sales leader, the key to achieving a sustainable shift in your company’s sales results rests with you. Regardless of market conditions, you need to develop and apply an array of competencies and behaviours that will determine whether you are a… continue reading

A guide to driving sales excellence

When it comes to developing your sales force, you need to have the right systems, processes and skills in place to satisfy your clients and stakeholders. Download our  Guide to Driving Sales Excellence  to learn how to make sure your company’s next… continue reading