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Sales Team Development

A tailored programme that blends face-to-face consulting, virtual sales training and virtual mentoring interventions will maximise your return on investment and guarantees a more confident and motivated sales team.

Highly performing sales teams are made up of highly motivated sales people. Motivating your sales team by giving them the skills and techniques that will enable them to be more productive will help your organisation to succeed. Whether you’re investing in telesales, account management or business development teams, our consultative sales development programmes will deliver sustainable, long-term performance improvement across your sales force.

Sales training will help your salespeople become more proactive and our consultative selling approach will enable them to identify and shape their clients’ needs. We’ll show them how to tailor unique added value propositions and align it to the prospective customers’ needs in such a way that the value they offer is compelling and differentiated from what their competition can offer.

By embedding selected sales enablement techniques, your sales teams will be able to seize the opportunity for up-sell and cross-sell that exists in every call, every meeting and every business relationship. Your investment in the team will enable them to create added value for your customers and you’ll win a sustainably greater market share in return. To find out how we can motivate your team, please get in touch…. We’d love to hear from you.

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Sales Team Development